I want to clear some impression or misrepresentation over our identities as a people and a set aside individuals for restoration of Biafra. Unarguably, we are products of the wide Igbo, Igala, Idoma,Igbanke, Ijaw, Ishekiri, and others that made up Biafraland. We understand the damaged psych of our people due to long and overheated suffering and poor state of the society they are forcefully incorporated into through the worst political chemistry of early twentieth century. To some of them, betrayal, non support and poor support to anything that calls for huge sacrifices like the present IPOB project, is “risky” and a no go area to venture. That is the result of state systematic enthroned poverty and poor education on our people.

State induced suffering of our kind breeds’ traitors, saboteurs, idiots and at the extreme point, death. The Jews in pharaohdic Egypt suffered same human production as we are seeing in our society today. That is the effect of state induced hardship on any race. Pharaoh used it, it worked, Hitler and his Nazists used it, and it worked. Today, Nigeria is applying same tool, and the result cannot be different. Looking at the above allusions, it is important to note here that despite the degrees of tactics of destabilizing the peoples’ freedom project as we are seeing today in IPOB moves, at the end, Israel in Egypt and in the hands of Nazists got their freedom.

We are Ipobians, we own no mortal any kind of apology. We are few among millions of Biafrans whose minds are destroyed through the Nigerian state poverty and poor education induced mechanism. We demand for freedom of our people as we understand what awaits our future generations under Nigerian state. Though we are insulted and abused by the oppressors, their accomplice among us, and even those we are dying for, but we understand that such is what we will see on the road for our freedom. We understand that we must not win all the battle fronts, but the key ones; we pledge and committedly pursue to win.

We are not here to be socio-politically correct; neither do we want to run popular strategies at the applauses of men and women. Though our entrance gate is 247 open for those who want to join the struggle for our freedom, in same vein, our exit gate is equally 247 open for those who feel they are down casted on the way. Those who make the voluntary choice of entry gate are welcomed, also those who remember exit gate are equally wished well in their new thoughtline. Our believe in the promises of ChiukwuOkikeAbiama to us as a people and our leader Nnamdi Kanu keep us going. We understand that the “Vission is for the appointed time, though it tarries, it will come” Habakkuk 2:1-3.

To us, a good name is better than silver and gold. We have seen tortures, threats, bribes, terrors and long incarceration ever recorded in human history. They never weighed us down, neither would they! While others treasure and worship money, we treasure and worship intergrity, dignity and freedom. It is these philosophical axiom that makes us chose whom to relate with. While sometimes misconstrued, we don’t give a danm. Like the popular saying in the book “The Prince”, we know that “the end justifies the means”. Our choice have been described “unpopular”, our ways “unconventional”, our policies “non-aligning” by our oppressors and their accomplices among us. But in consensus adidem, they agree that our results are “powerful”, a “concern” and “disturbing” to their grip on our people. That we are known for!!! And we are all as IPOB world wide family proud of that our very uniqueness.

On 16th of February, we are ones again going to launch our “unpopular”, “unconventional”, and the “non-aligning” strike on Nigeria through the Biafra referendum cum Election boycotts. The world and our enemies understand our resolve to achieve whatever we are chasing after, and next week Saturday will tell better. We are not presently expecting anyone to applaud us, neither are we hoping o be politically correct. But what we do know as a people and family is that at the end, Biafra will come…

Chika Austine
Source ~ https://www.facebook.com/100000873354600/posts/2173060172733073/