The suggestion that Nnamdi is working for Buhari is not only absurd but also asinine - FFK


I do not agree with everything that my friend Nnamdi Kanu says and neither do I subscribe to the view that the elections should be boycotted or that Abubakar Atiku is a Camerounian. However the suggestion that Nnamdi is working for Buhari is not only absurd but also asinine.


The problem with most Nigerian politicians is that they are incapable of thinking beyond their nose and stomach and accepting or even comprehending the fact that some people believe in and live for higher ideals and have a far greater vision for their country than just blindly following others or just winning an election.

It is not everyone that is in politics only because they are interested in getting an appointment to a political office or a job in government. It is not everyone that is interested in politics only because they are hungry and desperate or because they are addicted to or obsessed with power.

Nnamdi is not interested in the 2019 presidential election and does not believe that his people should participate in it simply because he does not believe that such participation will in any way help the cause or sorry plight of his people or assist them in achieving their objective of self-deternination.

He is more interested in securing the freedom of his Igbo people from what he rightly considers to be a vassal state than in participating in a flawed and pre-determined “democratic” process that he believes will not truly reflect the will of the Nigerian people and which he considers to be little better than a palliative.

He sees such a process as nothing more than an illusionary distraction which will not address the fundamental issues and challenges that bedevil his people and our nation.

Personally I do not believe that it is a crime to have such a perspective even if I do not fully agree with it. I may not agree with Nnamdi on everything or even like what he says at times but that does not mean that I should demonise him or misrepresent him.

All those so-called leaders and politicians that are now insulting him and that are hurling stones at him do not have 10 per cent of his charissma or courage and neither do they possess his solid principles or firm resolve.

Whether they like it or not he has put his life on the line for the struggle and he is fighting the whole damn rotten system. Surely that is to be admired and commended.

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