Information available to us now from an insider who pleaded ananymous has it that the Pastor of COZA and Mrs. Dakolo’s bruhaha is a well rehearsed tactic employed by the Fulani caliphate and terrorists Government headed by Abba kyari.

He further stated that a whopping amount of money was released for the script playing for the singular purpose of diverting attention of the public from the impending Doom of fulani colony A.K.A RUGA.

He further revealed that a closed door Meeting was held by Abba kyari and the affected couple in Abuja for this purpose. The affected couple was advised to grant an interview to this effect. They equally made a special fund available for an organized protest against the pastor as well as social media and bloggers to flood the media space with the fake news.

When asked why tarnishing the image of the pastor; he said the Pastor is too stubborn and despite warnings, he has turned his Church sermons on anti Fulani which we can no longer tolerate. Recently, he has made the plan for FULANI SETTLEMENT (RUGA) his weekly Message, using the pulpit to frustrate Government effort.
When further pressed on the consequences of this action, considering how provocative the story is, it could lead to his assassination, he said an arrangement has been in place to protect the Church with Security Personnels who will be deployed to the church in order to make it look real as the public might suspect them if they don’t.

He asked an astonishing question. Hear him; have you seen a government that is against a Christian religion and turns overnight to protect them?’.

This is what we call ‘Diversionary Strategy’.
Using their useless Pastor and a Christian to cause online War. Nobody suspects the Government.

Boiling Questions are…
1.Why did it take Mrs Dakolo so many years to expose the man of God?
2. Why did she not report straight to the police?
3. Why is it that no member of her family is aware, and not even the church?
4. Why did she have sex with the pastor several times and different occasions if it was rape?
5. Why was she still attending the church? Why was she always entering the Pastor’s master bedroom and riding in his cars if she was truly a rape Victim?
6. Why was she still cooking for a Pastor that rapes her?
7. Why didn’t she raise alarm for once?
In fact, too many questions begging for answers.

He concluded, fact is we (Fulani) must establish the RUGA settlement. We don’t care what the opposition says or does. We don’t need the Approval of any Governor or Nigerian.

This episode goes further to affirm what our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu prophesied about Nigeria and Fulani.

I wish to use this Medium to request every aggrieved Nigerian over the plot to establish #Ruga, to please stay focused.

Don’t be distracted by the propaganda of our murderers.

Eyes on the Ball


God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
God bless IPOB!!
God bless BIAFRA!!!

We shall see BIAFRA together!

Iseee Iseee Isess!!..

Written by
Pastor Jack.

Edited by
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav

For Lagos State Media