IPOB Intelligence Reports 06/01/2020



Abba Kyria , Ango Abudllahi have conspired with Nigeria army to kill Biafrans in retaliation of the assassination of Iran Army General.

IPOB intelligence unit hereby inform the general public and all Biafrans to be very vigilant and be at alert. The Fulani cabals in Nigeria yesterday held a meeting with the Nigeria army in Yarudua’ military baracks in kastina state .

Those in attendance of this meeting are Abba Kyari the Chief of staff to Buhari , Tanko Mohammed , Ango Abudullahi , Nigerian Chief of Army staff General Tukur Yusuf Buratai and few other military officers of Fulani extraction .

They were addressed by Chief of Army staff General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, they were instructed and mandated to revenge the death of the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani who was killed with other Muslim brothers by the US president Donald Trump in Iraq.
He informed them that the whole of South East must bear the wrath of the Nigeria army for their unshakable love and support for America and Donald Trump .
Note ;

Already they have being looking for a way to kill Biafrans , so this is a golden opportunity for them.

He also informed them that the Nigeria police have being instructed on what to do and that is what warranted the Nigeria IGP to released a press statement yesterday warning everybody for a possible revenge for the death of Iranian general Qasem Soleiman in Nigeria and also asked the police to be alert .

Below are names of Nigerian top military and other officers assigned to lead the teams for the killings in Biafraland
For South East;

1.Brigadier General Bello Muhammed
2.Major General Sule Ahmed
3.Sergeant Umaro Tanko,
Mopol police Officer
4.Navy commander Shehu Billa .
These officers mentioned above shall lead the team in South East

For South-South;

1.Brigadier General Maman Gura
2.Major General Billa kumal
3. Colonel kabiru Issa
4.Sergeant Umaro Ahmed.
These four officers mentioned above shall lead the team in South-South.

These killing shall be carried out by Nigeria military mostly in civilian uniforms and they government will claim they are fake soldiers just like what happened in Kogi state where they claim fake soldiers out numbered the real soldiers on ground. The above mentioned officers shall be arriving in Biafraland from 8th January 2020, to command their men on ground in Biafraland.

We should not forget that the purpose of why Nigeria soldiers are always equipped with knives and machetes is because after they might have kill any one they always butchered the dead bodies so they can tell the western world that it was a communal clash or herdsmen and farmers clash and it has being working for them ever since

The attached link is the Nigeria police press release warning Nigerians for a possible attack in Nigeria because of the death of Qassim Soleimani the Iranian General and there by alerting police to be on alert , it will interest you to know that this is a mind -blowing conspiracy by the Fulani cabals in connection with the Nigeria police IG to massacre Christians in Nigeria but their main targets are Biafrans.

Therefore , Biafrans beware! the coming days are evil , they Fulani cabals are not sleeping they are devising any means possible to kill Biafrans because they realized that Biafrans are going and there is an anger among the Hausa Fulani soldiers to kill Biafrans before they leave the contraption called Nigeria.

Inform every Biafran resident in Nigeria and those in Biafraland to distribute this information to all nooks and crannies in Biafranland. Young men and youths should be on alert, don’t sleep deep at night, always be on alert. Be vigilant! At last Biafra shall be restored.