Asiwaju's boys : angels of death & mayhem!


From the wall of Femi OmoYoruba
Talo Skibo , MC Oluomo, Koko Zaria, Hamburger, Esi Oluwo, Kunle Poly, Owoseni, Nayam, Mamok

Reasearch these names. They are thugs, not just your average thugs, though. They are millionaires. Why are they millionares? Because they can supply thugs for violence.

Esi oluwo is dead. Hamburger is dead. Both from Oshodi. Esi Oluwo died in 2015, he decamped to PDP and APC lost in almost ALL elections in oshodi. Tinubu called him and bribed him to return to APC. The day he returned to APC, he was stabbed reportedly at an APC RALLY and he died.

Hamburger was killed at the Oshodi APC primaries in 2017.

Go to youtube. Aides of Both Oluwo and Hamburger said on camera that Mc Oluomo supervised the killings. They said they were there and were eye witnesses. MC Oluomo was declared wanted by the Police. He ran away, came back later and started walking freely with Mobile Police escorts.

The common thing about all these people is they call themselves ASIWAJU boys. They all claim to have meetings in bourdillon. Talo admitted to have collected 5 million once from Tinubu around same time Mc Oluomo admitted to 12 million just to organise a rally. All said on camera that they collected this money from Asiwaju TINUBU.

During the Osun governorship election. A video went viral online showing MC oluomo threatening the senate president of Nigeria. You would want to ask what is the business of MC Olu omo in Osun elections but when you hear that it was thugs who allegedly conducted the by-election and unleashed violence on the citizens, stopping people from voting, you wouldnt be suprised.

Irrespective of the side you belong to, the standard of good and evil must remain the same.
@Timilehin Tombellz Ogundare.

Thank goodness Tinubu is positioning himself to become President in 2023 and these thuggery is going National.

Vote them out in Lagos.